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Teenage Hormones Pt. 4

Jim's mind was reeling as he concluded that his wife had just admitted to him that she was going to suck Keith's cock the first opportunity she got. Then he visualized his wife's mouth on Keith's swollen cock. His mind was all over the place. Suddenly he envisioned Lucy's body riding Keith's hard cock cowgirl style rising up to meet Keith's deep, penetrating thrusts as he filled her pussy with his hard flesh. Jim's words were almost a plea as he asked her, "Are you going to fuck him too?" 

Lucy didn't answer as her body shuddered, and her orgasmic scream filled the room. Feeling her pussy pulsing and pulling on his cock while her body quivered with pleasure, instantly pushed Jim over the edge. His cock throbbed, and a massive river of cum flooded his wife's pussy.

As they snuggled together and enjoyed the afterglow of their mutual orgasms, Jim quietly asked again, "Are you going to fuck him? Are you going to fuck Keith?"

Lucy's voice was a whisper as she responded, "No, I hadn't planned to fuck him, but if you really want me to; I will." She wanted so badly to fuck Keith but wasn't going to admit it until she was absolutely sure it was okay with her husband. Jim had to let her know he was totally on board, or it could destroy their marriage if she pushed ahead without his full approval.

Jim pulled her close and kissed her. Then whispered, "I think it would be so hot if you fucked him."

Jim told her that he'd love to watch her fuck Keith. They cuddled for a few more minutes while Jim's body continued to recharge for round two. He was anxious to hear all the salacious details of how her day went with Keith. He could tell she had more juicy details that she wanted to share with him, but past experience told him to be patient and wait until she was ready to talk.

Lucy rubbed her breasts firmly against his face, and offered him a nipple to amuse himself with until he was recharged. She occasionally slid her hand down his belly to check on the recovery of his cock. It was still a bit semi-erect. She knew a sure-fire way to help him recover immediately and went for it.

"Honey, I was very close to fucking Keith this afternoon," she confessed, then searched his eyes for further approval. His cock jumped again, and that was approval enough.

"If I hadn't been startled by the sudden appearance of a young mother and her two small children, I think I would've let Keith slid his big hard cock into my tight wet pussy. We were very close to having sex. My pussy was very wet, and his cock was extremely hard and throbbing. All he had to do was push it into me. I was ready and didn't have the strength nor desire to stop him."

Jim laughed. "Oh baby, suddenly I'm hard again. I think I'll have to punish you for having such naughty thoughts about our good friend, Keith." His laughter changed to gasps and then deep moans when Lucy scooted down the bed and took her husband’s cock in her mouth.

The next morning Lucy's mind was in turmoil when she stepped into the shower. As the water cascaded over her body, little tremors ran through her while her hands ran softly over her hard nipples before gliding down over her trembling belly to caress her pussy. She shut her eyes as she thought about what might have happened the previous afternoon had they not been interrupted. She and Jim were now clearly agreed that she would have sex with Keith. The original plan was to only tease and build sexual tension that would translate into raunchy sex between them her and her husband when they talked about it while having sex together. That plan was now changed.

Lucy slid three fingers into her vagina and recalled how close she and Keith had come to complete the act. She imagined how good Keith’s cock would feel in her pussy. That caused the folds of her labia to swell. She found her clit and massaged it as she envisioned Keith penetrating her vagina with his fat cock. That thought alone caused her fingers to become coated with her juices. She moaned quietly as a small orgasm coursed through her body.

Lucy licked the juices from her fingers and made up her mind. Today would be the day she'd let Keith have his way with her. Lucy was now sure that her husband, Jim, wanted that to happen, and she was absolutely sure she wanted it to happen. By the time she had fixed her hair, applied makeup, and put on her smallest bikini, she was nervous but ready for her first real look at Keith's magnificent cock.

Since it was a weekday afternoon, the pool was deserted when she got downstairs. Lucy felt disappointed when she saw Keith wasn't anywhere to be found. Jim had taken the day off and hopefully watched from their hotel balcony as she walked to a double chaise lounge. Lucy spread her towel over the double chaise and stretched out to enjoy the warm sun. A few minutes later, she looked up as a shadow crossed her body. Lucy used her hand to shield her eyes from the sun. She smiled when she saw Keith standing beside her. He was wearing sunglasses; a white polo shirt, and he had traded his speedo for traditional swimming trunks. He sat down on the wide chair with Lucy and casually placed his hand on her thigh.

"Do you mind if I join you?"

Lucy smiled and moved over to make room for him on the double chaise beside her. "I was hoping you would."

"Ooooooh, I like the sound of that," he growled.

"I thought you would," she smiled.

Keith stretched out beside her, their bodies lightly touching while they talked casually for a couple of minutes. He rolled up on his left side and gently traced his fingertips over the soft skin of her belly. It gave her chills and caused her to giggle. She looked at him expectantly while her breasts rose and fell with excitement. Keith smiled, and his eyes held hers as he leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. The first touch of their lips sent a jolt through Lucy's body that was so strong it scared her. Would she actually be able to do this, she thought?

Keith's lips moved slowly, almost languidly over hers while his hand traveled down her arm and back up, causing goosebumps and making every tiny hair stand on end. He pulled away from their kiss and slowly walked his fingers up to the center of her body; starting at her belly button and ending at her chin. He slipped his hand behind her neck as he cradled her head and pulled her in for another tender kiss. Lucy turned her body to face him and parted her lips, allowing his tongue to accept her invitation and slide into her mouth eagerly. She lifted her head to meet his, and their tongues came together.

While his fingertips drifted over her almost naked body, making goosebumps race over her skin, he pulled her closer while their tongues explored each other's mouths. The emotions created by their passionate kissing were turning Lucy on beyond expectation, but the thrill of knowing that her loving husband was watching from the balcony made her passion burn even hotter.

Gradually they moved apart, trying to breathe normally, but for Lucy, it was a real challenge. She needed a few moments to calm down and regain control of the mounting phenomena that was starting to consume her body. She told herself this was for Jim, but knowing full well that it was thrilling her beyond her wildest imagination. Keith's smell, his kisses, and the warm hardness of his body were becoming too much for her. She had to get away from him, if only for a brief moment. Keith started to protest when Lucy sprang to her feet but stopped when she bent down and kissed him lightly and said, "I need a minute."

Keith's cock twitched as he viewed her firm buttocks flex and jiggled beneath her bikini as she strode to the pool and slowly descended the stairs into the water. The water felt like a cool kiss over Lucy's entire body as it enveloped her slender tingling frame. She needed a few minutes away from Keith to recover from all the emotions storming through her body. Lucy's befuddled mind was a compilation of confusion, guilt, and raw sexual desires. She shivered with titillating delight at the contrast the water created with the building desire between her thighs.

She waded over to where the water only reached to her waist and stood to gaze at Keith with persistent desire. Keith was good at interpreting her lustful eyes and didn't need any more encouragement. He knew the time was right. She had fought the demons in her head, and her intense sexual desires had won the battle. She had made up her mind. Lucy's eyes drank in Keith's muscular physique as he stripped off his white polo shirt and motioned for her to come back to him.

It only took a minute for Lucy to make up her mind. She glanced up at the hotel balcony and saw Jim standing in the shadow, stroking his cock. She ascended the swimming pool stairs and walked straight into the waiting arms of Keith Barrett. She buried her face in his chest and inhaled his masculine scent. Keith put his index finger under her chin, tilted her head up so he could gaze into her blue eyes and then gently traced her lips with his tongue. Lucy parted her lips and welcomed his entry. Their tongues swirled together while her nipples brushed firmly against Keith’s bare chest. Lucy's stomach did a cartwheel when she felt the hardness of his cock rubbing against her mound as their bodies ground together. She trembled with excitement as she visualized his cock, penetrating her vagina. Keith explored the depth of her mouth before pulling away from their kiss and said, "You want this as much as I do; don't you?"

Lucy glanced up at the balcony again, nodded her head, and Keith took her by the hand and led her back to the double chaise lounge. She sat on the edge of the chaise and Keith's face moved down, away from hers. He kneeled in front of her legs, and both of his hands slowly snaked their way up to her bikini bottom. Lucy breathed in and out slowly, as she watched him and felt his soft hands on her skin. 

Keith noticed she kept looking up at her hotel balcony and asked, "Are you afraid Jim will find out about what we are doing down here?"

Lucy shook her head no and whispered, "He already knows."

"What do you mean; he already knows?" The surprise was evident in Keith's voice.

"He saw us in the bar together that first day we met," Lucy moaned in his ear.

"Just exactly what did he see? We didn't do anything."

"He saw us whispering to each other," she replied. "Then he saw me kiss you on the cheek and then rush from the bar. He caught up with me at the elevator and wanted to know what just happened."

"What did you tell him?"

"I told him the truth. You had said you wanted to suck my tits, and I told him I replied by telling you I wanted you to suck them, and I wanted to suck your cock."

"Oh, fuck! What did he say to that?"

"He said he would like for me to suck your cock while he watched."

Keith couldn't believe what he had just heard and looked up at the window above them. "Is he watching us right now?" 

"Yes, but he wants us to come up there to the room with him so he can watch you take his wife."

Keith was intrigued by the idea of having sex with this beautiful woman while her husband just sat and watched. "Other than sucking my cock, what else do you want to do?"

Lucy's voice was stronger now. "Nothing else. I will just suck your cock while he watches."

“Why stop there why not go ahead fuck me?”

"I can't. I've never fucked anyone other than my husband and my Son." As soon as those words left her mouth, she realized she had said too much. She hoped he had not heard her, but he had.

"You are fucking your Son?" The excitement in his voice topped any emotion he had ever expressed in front of her. Keith almost blew his load in his swimsuit upon learning that she and her son were enjoying a forbidden incestuous liaison.

"That is so fucking hot," Keith chuckled! "Sooooo...fucking hot! What is your Son's named?"


"How old is Logan? And how long have you been fucking him?"

"You are really getting off on this; aren't you," She snickered. "I can see your cock getting harder and jerking in your swimsuit.

"You damn right I'm getting off on it. Does Daddy like to watch Mommy fuck her Son," Keith jubilantly asked?

"No, Jim doesn't watch when I fuck our Son, but he loves to hear me talk about what I did with Logan, "she admitted.

"Mmmm...that sounds like fun. Tell me about some of the things you do while fucking your son."

"I can't do that. That pleasure belongs to Jim and me. What a husband and wife do together is private between them. It's not supposed to be shared with others."

"Is Logan an only child?"

"No. We have a daughter. Becky. She's two years younger than Logan."

“Is Jim fucking his daughter?”

“That’s something we might talk about another time, but right now, Jim is waiting for us upstairs.”

"I can understand why Jim likes to hear about you fucking Logan. It is Sooooo fucking hot; it makes my cock almost burst. Just humor me a bit, Lucy and tell me some of your secrets and make my cock get really hard like you do for Jim."

“Maybe later,” she said as she took Keith’s hand and led him toward the elevators. “Jim is waiting for us up in our room. If he says I can do more than suck your cock, then I will give serious consideration to more; maybe even fucking you. We’ll see.”

Keith cautiously followed Lucy to her hotel room. Jim greeted them at the door with a glass of wine for each. He directed them to a sitting area. Lucy sat on the couch with her husband and Keith took a seat in a large wingback chair across from them. There was a prolonged silence followed by some awkward general conversation.

The general conversation changed quickly when Jim bluntly said, “Lucy tells me the two of you discussed becoming intimate with each other. She wants to suck your cock while you play with her tits.”

Keith almost choked on his wine and spit a mouth full across the room leaving a wine stain on the carpet. Lucy blushed three shades of red and was ready to strangle her husband. Jim found their discomfort amusing. Once he got over the shock, Keith wanted to punch Jim and then take Lucy to his room to privately finish what they started at the pool.

Jim eventually apologized for his crudeness. “I’m sorry to speak so vulgarly about something you both clearly take seriously. Let me start over again.”

“Don’t bother, Darling,” Lucy interrupted. Her voice was full of anger and contempt for her husband. “I’ve changed my mind about going through with YOUR FANTASY!” She emphasized ‘your fantasy’ to throw everything back on her husband.

Keith was clearly disappointed to hear what Lucy said and was already formulating a plan to get her alone and follow through with what he knew they both wanted.

“I’m sorry,” Jim repeated! “It was clearly the alcohol talking. I have been drinking beer and wine since you two met again at the pool today. Please give me a chance to redeem myself.”

Jim knelt in front of his wife and looked up at her. Their eyes locked and she felt herself shaking even harder as she watched her husband place his hands on her hips. Lucy's pulse was pounding when she felt his fingers curling into the waistband of her bikini bottom. Her anger at him told her to stop him, but her body told her how much she wanted this to happen. A moment later, when he started to pull her bikini down over her hips slowly, she could barely believe she was doing it as she subtlety raised her hips to help him slide it down over her thighs. She bit down on her lower lip as she savored the rush of adrenaline that was coursing through her body. Her nipples were throbbing spires of desire, and she could feel her juices soaking her vagina.

 Goosebumps raced over her skin following the course of his fingers as they glided down the length of her legs until he finally pulled the bikini away from her feet. She moaned as she felt the air caressing the wet folds of her exposed pussy. Jim smiled when he saw the glistening evidence of his wife's arousal. The savory pungency of her sexual juices emanated from her core like a carnal fountain of wanton desire. Her pussy lips were open and wet, the pink folds dripping as her husband spread her legs and exposed her innermost core to Keith. 

Jim slid his hands slowly up and down Lucy's legs, using only his fingertips to tease her skin purposely. Placing his hands firmly on Lucy's knees, he looked directly into her eyes, loving the combined mask of lust and hesitation on her face when he started to push her knees up and to the side. She was trembling but didn't resist as he opened her pink pussy like a blossoming flower for Keith to see.

Jim stared directly into his wife's eyes as he slowly moved his mouth closer to her quivering pink slit. Savoring the intensity of the moment, Jim blew gently across the surface of her glistening folds making her gasp. Jim could feel her trembling when he lowered his head and pressed his tongue directly between her swollen lips. She tilted her hips up, moaning with a mixture of arousal and decadent excitement as his tongue began to probe and lick her trembling chasm of desire. Jim's tongue fluttered over her flesh, scooping up the abundant juices and pulling them into his mouth as he enjoyed the tangy sweetness of her pussy. Reflexively arching her back, Lucy began to whimper, welcoming the intense pleasure Jim was inflicting on her. She savored the mighty waves of arousal flowing directly from her clit into the pulsing core of her body as she surrendered completely to his skilled tongue. She grabbed the leather couch and clenched it with her hands as she rode the extreme waves of hedonistic sensations she was feeling as Jim's masterful tongue paid homage to her surging passion.

Jim could feel Lucy's orgasm was rapidly approaching, but he didn't want her to cum yet. He wanted her to be so close that she would be willing to do anything. He smiled to himself as he brought her to the edge of orgasm and then backed off, leaving her dangling on the edge of the precipice.

Lucy whimpered in disappointment when she felt him lift his head and lean back from her pulsing fountain of passion. Her eyes popped open and pleaded with him not to stop. She reached out for him, but he evaded her touch. She noticed a movement behind him and her lust-filled gaze settled on Keith.

He had removed his swim suit and stood naked before her. His eyes smoldered as he looked at the glistening folds of her swollen pink gash. His hand was wrapped around the hot, hard length of his cock. He had secretly fantasized about fucking her since her first saw her that day in the hotel bar. Lucy had considered having sex with Keith from the start, but was reluctant to admit it to her husband. Now the teasing by her husband, coupled with the wine had her body screaming for his cock to enter her seething hot pussy. Her eyes were riveted to his rigid manhood as his hand moved up and down over the ridges and veins of his shaft. She had never actually seen his cock, and she was spellbound by the sight. His cock was thicker than Jim's, and it was longer. She was especially captivated by the fact that Keith was uncircumcised. Watching the skin move up and down over the round, red dome was making her pussy throb with a growing primal need.

Noticing his wife's fascination with Keith's cock Jim grinned. "He's got an impressive cock, doesn't he?"

Moaning, Lucy felt butterflies fluttering madly within her. Knowing that she had been caught staring at Keith's cock, she was so flustered, all she could do was stammer, "Yes...yes, it is!" 

Jim could easily see the curiosity and lust on Lucy's face. He always had secretly wanted to see his wife fuck another man. It was a secret fantasy that he had never shared; not even with his best friend. Jim's heart was pounding as he asked, "Would you like to touch it?" 

Lucy's eyes widened as she looked at her husband in surprise. The wine had loosened what inhibitions her before. As her eyes searched Jim's eyes, she couldn't tell if he was serious. Hit by a sudden surge of adrenaline-charged excitement, her body started to tingle. Embarrassed that her nipples were visibly erect and her pussy was drooling with desire for what she wasn't supposed to have, she said nervously, "No....No I shouldn't do that!"

Jim could tell that despite her resistance she wanted to explore Keith's cock. He smiled as he asked, "Are you sure? Look at it! I know you must be just a little bit curious to know what his cock would feel like! 

For several awkward seconds, Lucy was paralyzed by indecision. Her heart was fluttering in her chest as she tried to decide what to do. Lucy was so highly aroused by the thought of touching Keith's cock she could hardly breathe. Taking a deep breath, she lifted her hand. Tentatively, her hand went to Keith's throbbing penis. Slowly she began to caress his cock.

Feeling the heat radiating from the hardness of his cock the moment her hand touched it, Lucy instantly felt another powerful adrenaline rush. Feeling empowered by her husband's blatant encouragement, after a moment of shyness passed, she encircled his shaft with her fingers and started to slowly stroke her hand up and down the length of Keith's eight-inch rod. Her sexual desire awakened by the forbidden passion of what was happening, Lucy explored every inch of Keith's throbbing cock. As her curiosity grew, she adjusted her hold so she could grip his erection firmly in her hand. The head of his cock projected past her fingers and pointed straight up toward the ceiling as Lucy looked at the drop of precum that had formed on the tip. Her finger swirled over the head as she spread the thin liquid over his round, purple crown. Without thinking, Lucy put her finger in her mouth and sucked the precum from it. Suddenly realizing what she had done, her head jerked up, and she looked at her husband. When Jim smiled and nodded his okay, she looked back at Keith's cock and continued to explore its hard surface. 

Sitting on the couch next to her, Jim closely studied his wife's face. The look of nervous indecision he had seen a few moments earlier was now replaced by carnal hunger. As she continued to explore Keith's rigid shaft, Jim started to remove her bikini top. Lucy released her hold only long enough to let her husband slip her top down her arms before wrapping her fingers around Keith's cock again. 

Her breasts were full and round, centered by areola that was swollen and puffy, but her eraser-size nipples seemed to be as stiff as spikes. Jim didn't think he had ever seen them as long and hard as they were now. 

Jim ran his hands over the length of his wife's body, loving the soft feel of her skin as he worked his way from her knee to her shoulder and back down again. Eventually, he focused more and more on her breasts, using his fingertips to playfully tweak their throbbing points until she was moaning with pleasure.

Jim playfully whispered into his wife's ear. "You look so fucking hot as you play with Keith's cock. Do you want to do more? Do you want to taste it?"

Lucy shuddered as she absorbed Jim's words. After biting down hard on her lower lip she shook her head no, but it was impossible to hide the lust in her eyes. Her voice was trembling when she replied, "I shouldn't."

"But wouldn't you really like to do more than just touch it? Look how hard his cock is. It's hard because you look so sexy and beautiful." 

"I don't know, Jim. I'm afraid if I do more, I won't be able to stop."

"That's part of the excitement, Honey. See how hard Keith’s is? That's how turned on he is for your beautiful body! He sees how delicious you look right now. He's turned on and wants you so bad. I bet he has dreamed of this moment since he first met you."

Jim's hot breath against his wife's ear made Lucy shiver. "I can feel how much it's turning you on, too!", Lucy moaned. "Are you really sure you want me to do this, or is it the wine talking? I don't want to do anything tonight we will both regret tomorrow.

Jim's hand had dropped down his wife's belly to touch the inflamed lips of her pussy. His finger was running back and forth between her soaking wet outer lips, teasing her pussy into an even higher state of arousal.

"Sweetheart, whatever it is you decide to do, will only be is sex! Not lovemaking, just sex! You and Keith wouldn't be making love; you would just be fucking each other. You would just enjoy the pleasures of each other's bodies. You can only make love to me! With anyone else, all it would be is fun, physical, sexual pleasure!"

Pausing, aware how much his own words were driving her mad with lust, knowing by the look on Lucy's face that he was extremely close to pushing her over the edge to submission, he finally said, "This is something we have talked about in the past. Don't you remember talking about bringing a third person into our sexual adventures? 

Lucy mindlessly shook her head yes as she continued to grip Keith's hard cock.

"So, how far do you want to go? Do you want just to let Keith explore your body with his hands for a while? Maybe let him kiss you? Maybe let him taste you? Or, because your pussy is so incredibly wet right now, maybe you should seriously think about letting him put his cock inside you? Think about how it would feel if you let him fuck you!" 

Burning with the desire to see what Lucy was going to choose to do, Jim leaned even closer to her, exciting her, even more, when he whispered into her ear, "Go for it, sweetie! Let him please you! Let Keith enjoy your body! Give him a chance to see how many times he can make you cum!" 

Hearing this, combined with the feel of Keith's cock in her hand and the way her husband was rubbing her pussy with his finger, Lucy could feel the fire mounting within her as once again an orgasm started building within her. She felt the pangs of sexual arousal and the desire to join with Keith and twist into an aching knot of passion that was growing within her like a rising flame. 

Jim's cock throbbed when he saw Lucy lick her lips and her eyes focused entirely on Keith's cock as she continued to caress and stroke it. The expression on her face made her look like she was drunk with lust as she ran her hand over the rigid length of flesh.

Jim looked at Keith and nodded. Keith knelt in front of Lucy and placed his hands on her upper thighs. Slowly they rose higher, forming a sea of goosebumps across the soft skin of her belly before gliding up to touch the firmness of her beautiful breasts. She trembled as Keith explored her body even further--- rubbing her face, her neck, her shoulders and finally the aching points of her taut nipples. He moved slightly closer until his hips contacted her knees. Her breasts were heaving with the burning heat of her passion as she allowed her legs to open wider as he crawled forward and snuggled between them.

Keith's hands slid behind Lucy's waist. Lucy's eyes burned into his as she lifted slightly off the couch and allowed his hands to cup the round curves of her ass. He pulled her toward him until her butt was on the edge of the couch and her back was flat on the smooth leather. He positioned himself directly between her widening thighs and his eyes danced up and down her body before focusing on her pink core. She was no longer Jim’s wife. She was a beautiful desirous woman who was welcoming him into her hot pussy. The petals of her labia reflected the soft light, the liquid dew of her arousal showing him how much she was ready to be taken. He pushed his hips forward and started rubbing the tip of his cock up and down between the folds of her salivating tunnel. Lucy moaned as the hard ridges and veins of his cock rode directly against the outside of the delicate pink folds of her pussy. The flower of her passion was blooming, open and beckoning for his rigid cock to take her. 

Jim felt like his heart was going to jump out of his chest when he saw Lucy responding decadently to Keith's touch. When he fully absorbed the fact, she was no longer resisting, Jim had to reach down and pinch the base of his cock to keep from cumming too soon. Watching as his sweet wife prepared to surrender her body to a total stranger was almost more than he could stand. 

When Lucy felt Keith's hands touching her body, she felt like she was in a dream as she allowed him to explore her most intimate areas. Knowing full well what was about to happen, her moral upbringing screamed at her to stop, but the burning fire of her passion raged like an inferno and conquered any resistance she might have made. The moment she felt the warmth and hardness of Keith's erection brushing against her sex she knew that no matter what her conscious was attempting to say to her, there was no way she was going to stop him from going further. Her body and desire to know what a cock other than her husband's felt like merely wasn't going to let that happen. The nagging fear of wondering whether or not she could live with herself if she had sex with Keith or any other man than her husband was no longer present. What she wanted more than anything else was to find out how much pleasure Keith's big cock was going to give her.

She looked down at his cock as it rested against the outside of her pussy. Slowly, Lucy tilted her hips, raising her pussy to an angle to make it easier for him to penetrate her. Looking down at this beautiful woman, Keith drew in a deep breath. He looked at Jim, asking for permission as the head of his cock snuggled against the pink opening within Lucy's split. When Jim nodded his okay, Keith placed his left hand on Lucy's hip, bracing himself as he pressed the tip of his throbbing cock against the entrance to her inviting, pink opening. Lucy looked at her husband, their eyes locking together as the head of Keith's cock began to spread the lips of her pussy. A second later, her eyes widened as she felt the head and part of the shaft slide inside her. Jim trembled as he watched the head of Keith's cock disappear completely inside his wife. It was done. His wife was really fucking another man.

The incredible tightness and heat that enveloped Keith as he pushed his manliness a few inches into Lucy's wet pink depths made him groan with pleasure. When he finally pressed his cock as deep into her as he could, he looked at Jim. "Oh my God! Lucy's pussy feels fucking incredible!"

Feeling Keith's cock sliding deep into her body, Lucy gasped loudly. The intense bodily and emotional stimulation that a man other than her husband was actually penetrating her made Lucy shudder even harder than she had moments before. Lucy moaned as she felt Keith slide even deeper into the welcoming depths of her trembling body. She thoroughly enjoyed the illicit yet delightful sensation of Keith's cock as it plunged deeper than Jim's would ever be able to reach.

When Keith began to thrust his cock in and out of her vagina slowly, Lucy couldn't help but compare the feeling of the two men's cocks. Jim's cock never failed to please her, but the size of Keith's cock and the absolute fact that fucking Keith was strictly taboo; made fucking him the most intensely erotic thing she had ever done. The more Keith slid his cock in and out of her, the higher the gratification became as her body adjusted to Keith's intrusion of his magnificent cock. She could feel the physical pleasure becoming so great that all of her moral uncertainties evaporated. The only thing she could think about was letting Keith fuck her as passionately and as hard as he could.

Jim felt a sense of pride as he watched Keith, a total stranger, fuck her. He knew how tight and hot his wife's pussy was and had no doubt about how good it felt to Keith. He could see the joy his wife was feeling as her eyes closed and her hips lifted up to meet Keith's cock. She hooked her heels behind Keith's thighs, and her body began to pitch in rhythm with his thrusts as they started to fuck with an enthusiasm that both pleased and excited Jim.

Lucy's body was moving with an eagerness Jim had rarely seen. Her back was arching, and her body was responding to Keith's thrusts with an enthusiasm that made Jim's cock throb as she fucked Keith with an unbelievable passion that was more intense than either of the men had ever seen. She felt her husband cup her breast and moaned with pleasure as he began to tease her nipples just the way she liked it expertly. Jim whispered in her ear, "You look stunning, Lucy! This is so fucking hot!"

Jim looked down and surveyed the orchestrated moves of his beautiful wife's body as she willingly thrust up to meet Keith's cock. The excitement was pushing him to the verge of orgasm. He chewed on her earlobe and asked, "Baby does it feel good having Keith's big cock inside you?"

Lucy felt another adrenaline rush. It was breathtaking feeling Keith's cock inside her and having Jim right beside her to witness the marvelous event. It was driving her emotions to staggering heights. This combination of such an incredibly erotic occurrence was pushing her toward the orgasm that was bubbling inside her and rapidly threatening to boil over. The intensity of the sexual energy flowing through her was unbelievable. Her entire body felt as though it was soaring on waves of tremendous gratification, she whimpered, "Yes! Yes! I want to cum! I need to cum!"

Recognizing the intense desire in his wife's voice, Jim wanted to help her reach that goal. He caressed her breast and pinched her nipple as his eyes wandered up and down her body. He felt his cock throb so hard it was painful. His eyes focused on the point where Lucy and Keith's bodies were locked together with intense passion. He could see Keith's cock glistening with his wife's juices as it disappeared again and again inside her willing body. Jim felt both envy and delight knowing the bliss each of them was feeling. One of Jim's fantasies was finally happening, and he found himself thrilled even more now that Lucy was expanding her sexual horizons. He knew that in the future he would continue to benefit from the door he had opened to his wife's future sexual ventures.

Jim pulled Lucy's knees back slightly toward her chest, knowing this would allow Keith's cock to penetrate even deeper into her pussy. He knew Keith had a bigger cock than he and wanted Lucy to experience every inch of it. Jim looked down at her face again. Seeing how much her eyes were glazed over with lust, he swallowed to control his excitement and said, "Cum for me baby! Cum on Keith's cock! I want to see you explode with unbridled lust!"

Lucy gasped as Keith's cock went really deep in her, and she responded by sliding her hands behind Keith's lower back and pulled him deeper. His massive cock was stretching her beyond belief. She began whimpering and whining she dug her nails into the clenching muscles of his ass telling Keith she wanted him to fuck her harder and faster.

Encouraged by her eagerness, Keith grunted as he started to move his hips back and forth with increasing speed. He pounded her as hard as he could, ramming into her body like a jackhammer while she writhed and sobbed beneath him. It hurt so wonderfully she cried.

For Lucy, feeling Keith's cock roughly slamming into her created continuous waves of pleasure that flowed throughout her body like tiny bolts of electricity. Her fervent desires built so rapidly and with such intensity, she couldn't stop the increasing volume of her primal wails. As she moaned with sensual delight, she was completely unaware that the sounds escaping her were making it difficult for her husband to control his own orgasm.

Jim moved closer and knelt beside his wife on the couch. When she felt her husband's, hard cock touches her lips Lucy's mouth automatically opened. Wrapping her lips around his throbbing cock, she eagerly sucked on his stiff cock. He slowly pushed into her open mouth, so deep that he touched the fleshy back of her throat. A tantalizing chill consumed her as she took his cock with her mouth. Jim seized her head and thrust his hips forward. Lucy felt his cock slam against the back of her mouth and spluttered, trying not to gag as he literally fucked her mouth. Moaning deeply, she reached up and grabbed his ass with her hand. She gagged slightly but pulled him closer, taking his cock deeper down her throat than it had ever been before.

Lucy was consumed with a passion that raged like a forest fire. She wanted to taste and feel the orgasmic blast from both of her lovers. Lucy had never dreamed she would ever enjoy another man's cock much less two cocks at the same time, but the intense actuality of it was driving her to an ecstasy she could never have imagined. She told herself this can never be a onetime thing. She was determined to experience this sensation again and again. Their cocks drove her over the edge as her body writhed and danced in ecstasy to the penetrating jabs of her two lovers. While her body convulsed and thrashed with extreme pleasure, her scream of release was muffled by Jim's cock as her body exploded into multiple orgasms. Lucy surfed the waves of her climax while Keith and her husband relentlessly pounded her with long, deep, strokes.

Jim could feel the orgasmic tremors racing through Lucy's body, and it was enough to cause him to explode in a fury of blasts that shot stream after stream of cum into her waiting throat. She eagerly gulped and swallowed as her belly was filled with the creamy liquid that continued to shoot directly down her throat.

As Jim's orgasm slowed, his passion was refueled by the vision of pure eroticism beside him. Lucy's eyes were half-closed, her arms lying weakly on either side of her head, her body pliant and responsive to Keith's thrusts, her breasts dancing in undulating waves as he rocked her with the pounding force of his passion. Jim was surprised when he felt yet another stirring within him as he watched his wife enjoy Keith's rigid cock. He watched as his usually conservative wife wantonly fuck Keith.

Jim's brain was flooded with emotions of lust and erotic hunger. Yes, he'd felt a momentary pang of jealousy as he'd watched her give her body to Keith, but those profoundly ingrained emotions he'd been taught he should feel when watching his wife fucking someone else quickly faded. The images of Lucy lost in such total and complete erotic bliss; of her body undulating and driving against Keith's body as she impaled herself on his thick, throbbing cock filled Jim with both a new appreciation of her sexual beauty and his love for her.

When Lucy's eyes opened wide, and she groaned, "Oh My God! I'm....I'm cumming again!" Jim's limp cock slowly started to rise again to the firm rigidity it had possessed moments before. She stiffened and screamed as fountains of liquid fire shot through her and ignited her body into a flaming bonfire of pleasure as her next orgasm consumed her!

Keith's cock was still deep inside Lucy, his hips rolling as he made little short thrusts into her still spasming pussy. She appeared dazed as she slowly came down from the wild, screaming orgasm she had just enjoyed. His cock continued to travel in and out of her velvety tunnel, pulled her inner lips with it making her clitoral hood slide up and down over her intensely sensitive knob of pleasure. Jim watched Keith as his marvelous shaft worked its magic on his wife; the woman he loved.

Lucy was sobbing as her body was wracked by one orgasm after another. Her whole body jerked when Keith's hips started pumping frantically as he felt his own orgasm approaching. Suddenly he stiffened and let out a loud "Oooohhh, fuck baby, I'm gonna cum inside you! Oh Shit! Here it comes!"

He lost control, and his balls constricted sending explosive geysers of his cream spurting into Lucy's pulsating pussy as he joined her in orgasm. Jim could see Keith's big balls pulsing as he emptied his load of cum deep in Lucy's convulsing pussy. While Lucy screamed and clawed at Keith's back, she was cumming harder than Jim had ever seen her cum before. He felt a slight rush of jealousy.

Lucy and Keith lay still for several moments enjoying the afterglow while Jim slumped beside her on the couch. He had mixed emotions when he heard Keith tell his wife, "I've been inside a lot of women but no one ever sucked the cum out of me like your pussy just did. You're the hottest thing I ever fucked..."

Keith withdrew his softening cock, Lucy starred wantonly at her husband as she kept her legs spread wide to let him get a good look at her gaping pussy. Jim's cock was rock hard again as he watched a river of thick, white cum ooze out of his wife and formed a pool on the leather of the couch.

Lucy got up and moved to Jim's end of the couch. She pushed him back and climbed on top of him, reaching down to guide his cock into her pussy. The way her pussy felt around his cock when it was full of cum was so new and intense, he almost came immediately, but he somehow managed to retain control. When Lucy began to bounce on his stiff cock, he delighted in the silky grip of her throbbing pussy and the feel of the hot, super slick cum that was coating his rigid hardness. The combination of knowing his wife was filled with Keith's thick cum and the smooth slickness of it on his cock was unlike anything he had ever known. Jim moaned as Lucy began a slow, sensual ride that she knew he would enjoy. She looked down at him and asked, "Was watching me fuck Keith as hot as you thought it would be?"

Jim gasped, "Oh God yes!"

Lucy grinned at the sound of his moan when she clamped her pelvic muscles around his thickness as she moved up and down on his throbbing spike.

"Do you want me to do it again sometime?"

All Jim could do was a moan, "Yessss!"

Feeling the telltale throbbing of Jim's cock, Lucy knew her husband was about to cum again. And it felt like it was going to be more intense than any before.

"Oh shit, Jim! Your cock feels so good inside me!" Lucy gasped. "I want you to cum in my hot pussy. I can't wait to feel you explode inside me and mix with Keith’s cum."

With that she began to bounce faster, tightening her pussy around his throbbing cock as she sat down on him. She tightened her muscles around his cock and made her cum filled pussy pull on his cock every time she slid upward. His cock was throbbing uncontrollably, and he was fast approaching his next orgasm. Her pussy sucked hard on his throbbing shaft while at the same time a combination of her juices and Keith's cum flooded down over Jim's throbbing cock.

He felt her shiver as she began to cum and Lucy screamed. "Mmmmmm I'm cumming. Cum in me darling fill me up with that beautiful cum. Fuck me. Mmmmmm I want you so badly."

Jim erupted inside her; his hips pumped upward into her embracing channel as he thrust deep inside her. Her pussy contracted around his impossibly engorged cock, and then he felt himself shooting inside her. He shouted with delight as his third orgasm was even more powerful than his first two.

He moaned as her vivacious pussy pulled the cream from his aching balls. "Ooooooh Goddd!"

Lucy reached down and cupped his balls in her hand and squeezed them gently as his cock spurted shot after shot into her. They ground against each other his cock buried so deep inside her that Jim thought their bodies would be bruised the next morning. She moaned as her body was rocked with pleasure as her orgasm drained her of what little strength she had left.

They drifted off to sleep on the couch, their bodies relaxed in the afterglow of their orgasmic splendor. Two hours later Jim was awakened by moans coming from the bedroom. Peeking into the bedroom, he observed Keith on his back in the middle of the king-size bed. Lucy was straddling him cowgirl style. He watched as his wife's pussy rose and fell on Keith's rigid cock. Jim had released an insatiable sexual dynamo in his wife, and he couldn't be happier about it. This was going to become a permanent part of their sex life.